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Tilt Doors

Energy Efficiency
Figure 1

Energy Efficiency
Figure 2

Manufactured by Ammo Doors in house to suit your opening. Tilt doors are constructed in a 1 piece panel (Figure 1) and made from aluminium or steel frames and bracings. Often finished in colorbond, perspex or timber to give you a custom made western red cedar look.

There are 2 varieties of spring balanced hinges available that control the buying and selling action of the doors.

Lighter duty Jamb hinges and heavier duty Track hinges

Track hinges are inherently safer, stronger, smoother plus more durable than Jamb hinges. Tilt doors with either of those hinges lie flat underneath the head in the opening when up, therefore losing the door thickness from your height in the opening, approximately 150mm of all two car wide doorways.

You can order your doors in kit form with tilting J hinges or tilting T hinges.

Available in all colorbond colours or powder coated finish. These doors are ideal if you don't have much head room.

Doors that are either too high or too heavy for spring balanced hinges, might be supplied with traditional counter-weight balanced hinges. They are custom engineered for the door panel, rather than spring balanced hinges that are economically mass produced by B&D in kits, and after that included with a made-to-measure door panel.

Because of the tilt door's custom-made one-piece construction, we create this door in a wide variety of materials, textures, designs and colours..

Counter lever canteen shop fronts can also use piston type hinging systems to give maximum shade when in open position. For shade sails installation in Brisbane and Gold Coast, please contact our partnership Accredited Sails.

Because of the various materials that tilt doors can be done from, the weight and so width varies enormously. Where light-weight cladding is employed, width of over 7 metres is achievable.

All tilt door frames produced by Ammo Doors consist of galvanized square steel tube, mig welded together by experienced Welders within our factory in Brisbane. Have your door installed by one of our fully trained trades people here at Ammo Doors to have piece of mind. Each frame differs from the others, and designed and drawn inhouse, to match the size and cladding used. Optimum strength and low weight is achieved by using modern, light wall tubing of numerous sizes. Minimizing weight keeps the fee down and helps the door's hinges and opener keep going longer.

*Extension springs stretch because door closes and contract because door opens, to balance the door weight. All tilt up garage door springs, when stretched hold a whole lot of tension (even if the door is open), ready to balance the weight in the door because it opens and closes, therefore should just be adjusted by experienced professionals using correct equipment.

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